Let them eat…anything but cake!

Let’s be honest here. Some people – including brides and grooms – just don’t like cake. Fortunately, people are getting used to the idea that a wedding cake – no matter how traditional – it no longer mandatory. Here are some great alternatives that we’ve seen. Get inspired!


Photo by Jonathunder via Wikimedia

You don’t need a campfire to make everybody’s favorite summer treat. S’mores bars are an up and coming trend, with button burners, gourmet marshmallows and a variety of chocolate-based candy so your guests can create their own unique dessert.

Breakfast Treats

No matter what time of day you marry, you can make serve your favorite breakfast confections. We’ve seen crepes, donuts, Danish, cinnamon rolls and even Rice Krispie treats stacked into tiers and crowned with a traditional cake topper.

Perfect Pies

If you’ve got a local baker who excels at pies, why not? You can select a wide variety of fruit and cream pies to please every guest.

Sweet Treats

Candy buffets are fun and completely customizable. Load up on the happy couple’s favorite sweets and provide little cups, boxes or decorative waxed paper rolled into cones for the guests to make their own cornucopias of confection.

Ethnic Delectables

Using the traditional treats from your family heritage can add a special nod to your grandparents and older relatives. Czech kolaches…Italian cannolis…African mandazi…French macarons…Japanese dangos…Filipino pitsi-pitsi…Mexican churros…There are as many options as nations!

Cake with a Twist

“Naked” cakes with minimal frosting,upscale cupcakes, gourmet petit fors, or cheesecake are good ways to have cake that isn’t exactly cake.

Whatever you decide, let your choice reflect your tastes and personalities, and you can’t go wrong.

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