How to Enjoy Your Wedding Reception

It’s your big day, and you’ve been planning your heart out. The reception is your chance to kick back and enjoy yourself and your new spouse. But how do you get there after investing so much time, effort and money to create the perfect occasion?

  1. Focus on the big picture. Forget about all the details. It’s okay if the cake isn’t quite centered on the table. It’s okay that your Great Aunt Bertha squeezed herself into her own wedding dress today. It’s okay that the caterer swapped purple potatoes for Yukon gold. All those mishaps pale in comparison to the fact that you married your true love.
  2. Get comfy. It’s always a good idea for brides and grooms to have a back-up pair of shoes that will enable you to dance all night without pinched toes. A reception dress that enables a bride to hug, twirl, and bust a move doesn’t have to be expensive but is totally worth the effort. Hairpins bugging you? Grab a bridesmaid and duck into the ladies room to pull them out and redo your ‘do.
  3. Leave it to the professionals. You did your homework in the planning stage, choosing your reception hall, caterer, photographer, DJ and other professionals based on their experience and positive reviews from other newlyweds. So relax! Our job is to make sure you have a great time on your wedding day.
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